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Scott Perry, Guitar Life Coach

Do you need help discovering the next best step in your guitarist playing or teaching adventure? 

I've been there and know just how you feel!

I'm a husband, father, teacher, and musician from Floyd, VA. As a professional musician and teacher, I've helped hundreds of guitarists get guided and get going with their musician's journey as guitar players and teachers.

If you're ready to identify where you're at as a guitar player or teacher, determine where you want to be as a musician, and get there in the most effective and efficient way possible, email me:

"Scott Perry is an excellent communicator who always knows exactly what's needed to help guitarists improve. His commitment to his clients and his easy going manner make Scott one of the best guitar coaches around."

Martin Taylor
Jazz Guitar Legend and Teacher

"Scott is not only a teacher for my grandson, but a mentor and friend. Scott provides numerous opportunities to perform and even record. Scott keeps challenging himself as a musician and passes this knowledge to his students!"

Hilda Dickerson
Student Grandparent

"Scott Perry is a phenomenal coach. He displays all the attributes of a great educator including empathy, patience and knowing exactly what a client needs to help them move to the next level. Highly recommended."

James Taylor
Guitar Retreat Organizer

"Scott is a gifted leader and insightful coach. He holds you accountable to your goals and always pushes you to dig deeper, listen to your inner guide and pursue your dreams."

Mindi Rosser
Real Estate Agent

"I met Scott Perry on my journey toward retirement. With his wisdom and guidance, I realized that creativity is not restricted to youth; that I can not control aging but I can control how I view it; and that the obstacles in my life can actually become my path to being truly human and truly happy."

Wes McCune
Concert Pianist

A Guitarist's Guide to "the Good Life"

10 Essentials for Thriving as a Guitar Player or Teacher


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10 Essentials for Thriving as a Guitar Player or Teacher

The life of a guitarist is fraught with challenges. Are you ready to stress less as a guitar player or teacher? Here are ten essential principles to help you cultivate well-being and prosperity at any stage or level of your guitar playing or teaching journey!